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Philbrick is proud to offer expert plumbing services for kitchen and bath remodels to add comfort, convenience and value to your home or business in Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, or any part of Hampton Roads.

Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Remodeling your kitchen can create convenience, add enjoyment and enhance the value of your home. However, adjustments to your home’s plumbing may be necessary for your kitchen remodeling project.

Planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel?
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Kitchen renovations often include upgraded fixtures and new equipment; your home’s current plumbing system may not be able to provide for these new additions. Consult Philbrick to assist you with these kitchen remodeling concerns:

  • Will my upgrades require more water pressure?
  • Will my upgrades require more hot water use?
  • Do I need plumbing routed to a new area?
  • Am I adding a water-using appliance that I didn’t have before?

Our skilled technicians can provide effective plumbing solutions to meet your home’s changing needs, ensuring your kitchen upgrades will perform as planned.

During any bathroom addition or remodeling, plumbing is a major concern. Enhancements to create a spa experience, like thermostatic showers, steam showers, and jetted tubs; adding a shower to an older bathroom; or updating a bathtub, toilet, or faucet, all require adjustments to your plumbing system. Contact Philbrick today at 757-488-8367 to discuss your upcoming bath remodel.

Consulting Philbrick regarding your new bathroom remodel additions will ensure the following:

  • Proper water pressure to enable the performance of new fixtures and equipment
  • Adequate hot water for increasing needs
  • Quality, reliable alterations to your home’s plumbing
  • Accurate installation of your new plumbing fixtures

Even if you are only installing a new fixture such as a faucet or toilet, it’s important to address plumbing concerns to ensure they will perform as expected. Many people do not realize a simple upgrade such as a new shower head may require additional plumbing needs.

Big or small, Philbrick Heating Cooling Plumbing and Electrical provides quality plumbing solutions for all bath remodels.

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