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Philbrick is proud to offer quality expert heating system repair, maintenance and installation services in Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, or any part of Hampton Roads.

Heat Pumps

Traditional furnace burns gas or electricity to warm the air which heats your home. A heat pump pulls warm air from natural energy sources and moves that warm air into your home. A geothermal heat pump works with an underground loop system to absorb warm, consistent underground energy to heat your home. An air source heat pump pulls warmth from the air outdoors, which is present even on cold days, to heat your home. Heat pumps are often considered being an environmentally friendly heating source. They make efficient use of the energy they consume, using much less than a standard furnace needs to operate. A heat pump produces about four times as much energy as they consume because they move heat rather than generate it. They don’t burn fossil fuels like a gas furnace does, and they limit electricity use to minimize environmental impact.

Enjoy the energy savings and efficient comfort provided by a heat pump in your home this year.

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