Meet Office Manager, Cindy Jones!

Meet Office Manager, Cindy Jones!image (73)

cindyCindy has been with Philbrick for THIRTY-FOUR YEARS!  Wow!  Cindy is certainly a loyal employee of Philbrick who has proven to be a huge asset through her longevity with the business.  When Cindy is not behind her desk at Philbrick, she enjoys being outdoors and staying active!  She also really loves the beach.  Cindy and her family enjoy taking weekend trips to nearby towns.  Cindy is someone who really enjoys life and most admires those who are loyal, respectful and compassionate.  Cindy feels that being young was full of excitement but getting older has its own level of joy.  She says that the older you get the more you appreciate the people in your life rather than the things.

Here are a few words from the President/CEO, Neil Philbrick:

“Cindy is the type of employee that all businesses wish to acquire.  Her loyalty, dedication and the overall value she has provided to our family business over the last 34 years is something we are very proud of.  She is considered a member of our family and continues to play an invaluable roll in the success of our organization and fellow employees.”

Meet Our President/CEO, Neil Philbrick

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Thank you for visiting our blog!  Our President, Neil Philbrick, was asked a few questions about himself and his vision for the business.  We hope you enjoy learning more about him, his family and his goals for Philbrick!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family: I have been married to my Beautiful wife, Jennifer, for almost 7 years. Jennifer was an elementary school teacher for Chesapeake Public Schools for 12 years, and is now a stay at home mom.   We have 2 beautiful children together who have truly blessed our lives beyond words. Our 2-year-old son, Mason Robert, was born on May 27, 2013, and is a handsome little ball of fire. We were recently blessed with our daughter, Emma Lynn, on June 3, 2015, who immediately stole daddy’s heart. She is certainly one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. We feel very blessed to have 2 healthy children and I look forward to watching them grow and teaching them the important values necessary to become a successful, loving, and respected person throughout their lives. By far, family is the most important thing in my life next to the creator who has blessed our family tremendously.Philbrick Family

How long have you been a part of Philbrick Inc? What was your first position? I have been a part of our family organization since I was 14 years old. My first position was as a helper within our plumbing department, helping out wherever I was needed, whether that be clearing a sewer line, digging a ditch, or other related duties. The very first tool I was given was a shovel.  My father was trying to teach me a thing or two about the importance of education and hard work.

How have things changed since you became President? Since I became President, our company has drastically changed with regards to our operation, our services, our business segments, and our business diversity. When you have a company that has been in business as long as we have, things tend to become stagnant.  Immediate changes were implemented to remain competitive and operationally efficient, in effort to improve the ability to understand the ever-changing consumer and increased competition.

What is your vision for Philbrick? Short-term and long-term? My short-term vision as the leader of our family business was to improve our processes and procedures in order to provide a better customer service experience in all departments. I also placed a large importance on our employees by providing more training on our products and services, hiring better qualified technicians, re-implementing our growth and apprenticeship plan for upcoming associates, and improving communication within all departments. A few long-term goals I have are to continue expanding our markets and customer base in other areas of Hampton Roads. In order to maintain a competitive edge in this market, we must strive to provide more products and services for our customers, while making sure we offer the best customer service possible at an affordable rate. Another role I find important, as the leader of Philbrick, is to cultivate a positive and opportunistic work place for our employees. After all, they are responsible for our growth and success over the last 6 decades and their satisfaction is vital. My number 1 priority in our business is family. Our family helping our employees’ families who, in return, help our customers and their families. Not only are we in the business of HVAC, plumbing and electrical; WE are in the business of superior customer service.

Facebook PostTell us a little bit about the family history of Philbrick and how you plan to cultivate these family traditions as you move forward. The family history of Philbrick is one that I cannot put into words. It was built on the premise and goal of being the best in the industry, while continuing to support our community in many ways. Upon establishment, there was not as much competition in the marketplace. However, as the years went by and competition increased, we still remained a market leader through our strong customer service and quality of work. In the old days, customers were friends. They were members of your church. They were neighbors. They were loyal. We were loyal. It was this trust and loyalty between Philbrick and our customers and friends that was the golden rule of continued success. As my grandfather stated, “no amount of advertising, civic work, or selling could keep us in business this long unless we deliver value and customer satisfaction job after job.”

Name one important aspect you wish everyone knew about Philbrick? How about yourself as a person? In other words- what makes you (your business) unique and sets you apart from your competition. One important aspect I wish everyone knew about Philbrick is the fact that we really do want to help each and every customer. We are certainly here to generate a profit, but will never sacrifice our quality, professionalism, and customer service no matter the cost. We are a partner that you can trust. If we did not provide this, we would not be celebrating our 60 year anniversary this year.

What I wish everyone knew about myself as a person is my innermost desire, aspiration and passion to make our company GREAT moving forward. I have a genuine connection and appreciation for all of those who have dedicated their lives to our company. I also have a great appreciation for their families and the support they give our employees when the job calls for longer hours or nights. I was always told, if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.   Another fact about myself is that I do not believe in “titles.” Even though I am President and CEO of our organization, I work here just like everyone else. We are a team. Without the vision, efforts, and work ethic of everyone involved; we will not succeed. I am not too proud to hop into a ditch and help our plumbers finish a job or climb under a crawl space to help our guys complete the job. I think this is an important way to generate the respect and appreciation from all of the employees who work day in and day out in frigid temperatures, dangerous heat, hot attics, dirty crawl spaces, etc. This is what it takes to be a good leader, boss, employee, and person.

What personality traits do you look for in a person when they are hired to serve on the “Philbrick team?”  During our hiring process, we look for employees who share the same core values as we do as a family and company.   We search for candidates who are motivated to succeed and take advantage of opportunities to grow. We like to see employees who have an excellent attitude, top notch customer service skills, have a professional appearance, and take pride in providing quality, care and comfort for our customers. Employees are the difference maker and creator of our success. Without good employees, we would not be in business.

Read more about Neil Philbrick in the ‘business story’ section of The Shopper!

Meet Our Team!


meet our team

Meet Linda McCoy!

Linda joined the Philbrick team about 4 months ago and
has already found a comfortable place within the “Philbrick family.” One aspect that Linda finds important about Philbrick is the longevity of this business. She appreciates the fact that most of the employees have been there for many years which very well confirms that Philbrick is a wonderful place to work! Like most of us, Linda enjoys spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys dining out at restaurants, going to the beach and

DSC_0346traveling! When asked what Linda’s favorite age has been, she told us she loved age 35… she feels like by age 35, you are content with who you are and you finally have life figured out.  President, Neil Philbrick says he is so happy to have Linda on his team. Linda’s fun accent makes it pleasant for her to speak on the phone with customers. She sits right up front and greets every person with a smile and has impeccable customer service skills. Welcome to the team Linda! Philbrick is so glad to have you!


Get Plugged In: Common Electrical Hazards in Your Home

Get Plugged In

These days we are constantly plugged in, literally! How many electrical appliances and devices do you have plugged in at your home? Washers and dryers, refrigerators, irons, computers, radios, microwaves, televisions, entertainment systems, fans, space heaters, lamps… The list goes on and on! Our homes are full of modern technologies that may make our lives easier, but they can also increase the risk of electrical hazards. The National Fire Protection Agency indicated that half of the reported fires from 2007 through 2011 were electrically related. Take a look at these commonly found electrical hazards so you can ensure a safe home for your family.

  • Watch out for frayed or worn electric cords. Remember, never repair with tape – Throw away or replace.
  • Avoid using electrical appliances (radios, hairdryers, radiators, etc.) near running/filled showers, bathtubs, swimming pools, or sinks, as well as near wet floors. Just in the case electricity is being used near wet areas, wear rubber sole shoes. Also, do not touch electrical appliances or switches with wet hands.
  • Do not use extension cords in place of permanent indoor/outdoor wiring
  • Be kind to your cords: Always turn appliances off before unplugging, and pull from the plug itself and not the cord.
  • Never fold or crumple electric blankets
  • Always call a licensed electrician for any repairs needed on switches, power points, or light fittings; send out faulty appliances to be repaired or throw them out. Do not try to repair yourself, unless qualified.
  • Unplug small appliances when not in use.
  • Protect children by using outlet covers.
  • Avoid outlet stretching devices.
  • Keep electrically powered yard care/power tools dry.
  • Always turn off the circuit breaker before changing a light bulb that has broken off from its base or making any electrical repairs.
  • Don’t talk on the phone, take a bath, or use electrical appliances during a lightning storm.

What if an electrical accident happens?

  • In the case someone is electrocuted; do not touch them without first shutting off the power source or moving them away from it with a nonmetal object. If the person is unconscious, call for an ambulance immediately. Only a professional should carry out first aid. If the person is conscious, it is still advised to see a doctor and monitor their condition.
  • If an electrical fire starts, immediately unplug or disconnect the equipment that is on fire. If this isn’t possible, shut off the power from the breaker panel or fuse box. Use a fire extinguisher rated for electrical fires or toss baking soda on the fire. Never pour water on live wires or appliances to extinguish the flames. If you can’t get the fire under control, leave your house immediately and call the fire department.

Whether your electrical hazard is big or small, Philbrick’s electricians have the tools and experience necessary to ensure a safe home for your family. When in doubt, or in need of assistance, call a Philbrick professional!

Save MONEY…..Preserve ENERGY!

Save MONEY Preserve ENERGY      At some point, all of us will be in the market for a new heating and air conditioning system.  The dire question always lingers…what is the BEST, most cost effective option for your needs? Considering that we are in a seasonal market with hot and humid summers and colder winters, a dual fuel heating and air conditioning system is your best option.

Why choose a dual fuel system?

1-    Low operating costs- It uses two sources of energy throughout the year to heat and cool your home, but uses the most cost effective types of energy to provide added savings on your electric and natural gas bills, thus putting more of your hard earned dollars in your wallet rather than your electric bill!

2-    It offers year round comfort with just one system- which means less worry and maintenance than having two separate systems.

3-    Less humidity in your home- during the hot summer months, the heat pump naturally dehumidifies the air in your home.

4-    More environmentally friendly- it only uses the necessary amount of the energy required instead of wasting gas or electricity to achieve a desired temperature.  Again…..resulting in lower monthly utility bills!

At Philbrick Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical, we have been installing dual fuel heating and air conditioning systems for nearly 6 decades.  We have the knowledge and skills to make sure we give you the most efficient heating and air conditioning system to meet your needs, as well as help you understand and appreciate the savings that the system will offer.  Our comfort consultants and staff will consult with you individually to educate and ensure that you are able to fully understand the savings in energy.  So who wouldn’t want to have a new heating and cooling system that will actually put money into your pocket each month?  At Philbrick, we are here to sell savings to consumers, not systems. ‘Keeping your family comfortable is our family tradition!’

Scroll down to read and learn more from the President, Neil Philbrick, about the duel fuel heating and air conditioning system!Read More

7 Items to Avoid Flushing Down the Toilet

7 Items to Avoid Flushing Down the Toilet

It’s pretty common for us to utilize our toilets for a wastebasket, especially when getting rid of items that contain foul smells and body fluids. You may, however, want to think twice before tossing that “smelly unwanted item” down the commode.

The following are just 7 of the many items you should always avoid flushing:

  1. Flushable wipes- yep! You read it right…NEVER EVER flush any sort of wipe down the toilet, even if the box reads flushable. These wipes are thicker and don’t break down as easily.
  2. Dental floss- seemingly harmless, dental floss can very easily wrap around small clogs eventually leading to bigger masses.
  3. Prescription medication- please just refrain! This is very detrimental to our marine life as it makes its way back into our waterways. Please see the Food and Drug Administration for safer ways to dispose of unwanted meds.
  4. Condoms- This is a tough one, but you must find another way to dispose of these items. Condoms can inflate and act as obstructers in our sewage systems.
  5. Female sanitary products- These are also tough ones to avoid! But believe it or not, these items can cause pretty major problems, especially if the clog occurs in the line from your house to your main city line. Cotton does not easily break down and if you have any cracks in your pipes, they may very easily snag, resulting in a clog.
  6. Cigarette butts- these nasty items have no business in our wastewater treatment plants. They are not biodegradable.
  7. Hair- just like dental floss, hair can become tangled in smaller clogs leading to larger ones.

The next time you think about tossing just any thing in that toilet, think to yourself…humm…. If my toilet clogs, would I want a plumber to pull this item out? Would you be embarrassed? If so, don’t do it! For your sanity, the sake of our marine life, and our wastewater treatment plants.