Is Your Home Heating System Safe?

maple-1069423_1920There’s a nip in the air!

Fall is here and everyone is in the mood for beautiful falling leaves, pumpkin spice, and marshmallows by the fire!  As the cool weather blows in, you might be tempted to turn on your heating system during the first nippy night in the forecast.

Is your heating system in tip top shape?

Before we launch into the cold weather season, it’s a good idea to have a safety check done on your heating system by a professional.  Carbon monoxide leaks, improper refrigerant pressure, and electrical issues are all problems that you should have your system checked for on a regular basis.  Heating system inspections should be completed annually to ensure the safety and comfort of your family throughout the winter months.


We’ve got you covered

At Philbrick, we are ready to meet your home heating inspection needs.  We are offering a complete inspection for the just $59.  Here are just a few reasons that you need to consider having your heating system inspected annually:


Much like your automobile, regular maintenance on your heating system is a must.  We suggest having a qualified technician check your system to verify that everything is operating within specifications.  Doing so will help to catch a small problem before it becomes a “No heat” situation.

Peace of Mind

A predominant step of our preseason inspection is verifying that the equipment is operating safely and that all safety controls are functional. We perform a digital analysis of every gas or oil furnace to verify that it’s operating safely and efficiently.

Energy Efficiency tablet-2471184_1920

A preseason inspection allows us to verify gas pressure, combustion efficiency, refrigerant pressures, amp draws, and voltages to ensure that the equipment is operating at peak efficiency. A heat pump with low refrigerant or a gas furnace with low gas pressure can easily add excessive hours of unnecessary run time sending your energy costs through the roof.


Routine maintenance and proper equipment operation has been proven repeatedly to lengthen the life of heating and cooling equipment. Proper refrigerant levels, gas pressures, and other measures are needed to allow your heating unit to operate at peak efficiency.  A proper functioning unit will last much longer.

Carbon Monoxide 

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless gas that can be produced by an improperly operating gas or oil furnace. We perform a combustion analysis on every gas or oil furnace that we inspect to ensure the furnace is operating efficiently and not producing carbon monoxide. We also print out a report listing each unit’s operating efficiency and combustion results and provide them to our customer



You just can’t put a price on peace of mind

We know that the safety and comfort of your family is paramount to you.  Bundle up and enjoy this fall season and move into the cold winter months with the peace of mind that a heating system inspection can give you.   Give us a call at Philbrick.  We’ll take good care of you!