Would a Tankless Hot Water Heater Be For You?

fire-and-water-2354583_1920Hot water is usually automatic

Convenient hot water is an expected staple in our lives.  Jumping into a steaming hot shower in the morning is a mindless ritual practiced daily.  We don’t even consider the amount of energy that it takes to produce hot water.  Keeping that water hot is an additional layer of the process needed to make it readily available with the twist of a faucet.   Traditional hot water heaters can get the job done, however, are not without limitations.shower-1502736_1920




Water heater tanks can get pretty gross

Water heater tanks can become tainted and leave us with water that is rust colored, smelling like eggs, or even foul tasting.  Oftentimes the capacity of a traditional water heater is inadequate for larger homes and families.  In addition, these water heaters can leak around the base, become noisy,  and fail to provide water that is hot enough for our needs.



A tankless water heater could be the answer

Tankless hot water heaters, also known as “on demand hot water heaters”,  could be the answer to your woes.  Tankless water heaters are more space-saving and energy efficient.  They supply an endless supply of hot water through the use of a heat exchanger that heats the water only when you need it.  This alleviates the necessity to keep water hot until use.

Using a tankless water heater can provide you with an endless supply of hot water for use with showering, laundry, dishes and all of your everyday needs.  In addition, they can reduce your energy bills by up to 40%!



We can help you sort it all out

Philbrick can you help decide which hot water heater is more suitable for your needs. Our representatives will help you to understand the differences between the various models that we carry.  Let us guide you with choosing the best hot water heater for you!laundry-963150_1920