Meet Suzanne Rahall, Office Administrator/ Customer Service Representative

IMG_0066A hard working lady with a huge heart

Suzanne has been an integral part of our Philbrick staff for over three years.  “Zan” works tirelessly to provide impeccable customer service and improved customer relationships.  In addition, she performs a multitude of administrative tasks for our team with a dedication to excellence.

Belief in the Philbrick way

Zan definitely exemplifies the “Philbrick” approach to customer service and delivery.  She passionately believes that Philbrick’s focus and attention to conscientious, family driven service is something that should be practiced in all aspects of our business.  Zan would love for people to know that the people at Philbrick work tirelessly for the better of our clients as apposed to the bottom line for us.  It’s the Philbrick way and a concept that she embraces.


philbrick staff


The very best of Zan

Outside of her job, Zan loves spending time with her 11 year old daughter, Madison.  She is definitely a music lover and enjoys traveling.  Zan’s best qualities are her quick wit and spontaneity as well as her dedication and multi-tasking abilities.

A woman of integrity

Zan admires those who treat others as they would like to be treated.  She believes in making an effort to build others up before serving self.   In addition, Zan lives by the adage…..

“Always be humble and kind” – TIM MCGRAW