Gearing Up For A Fantastic Fall

bench-560435_1920A time for new beginnings

Fall is a beautiful time of the year.  While the leaves start to turn and the cool weather rolls in, it’s also a time for new beginnings and a fresh start.  Many of us are getting the kiddies ready for an exciting new school year.   For some, it’s about closing out the vacation season, finishing up with summer gardening, and the end of the lazy days of summer.

Staying on schedule

During this change in season, it is so much fun to get excited about fresh, new possibilities.  Fall is a time to create new routines, nutritional goals, and organizational pursuits.  Oftentimes though, we can get so bogged down with the reality of a new school year and added responsibilities, we can forget all of the good intentions that we had in mind at the start of the season.


Go-to habits that will keep it flowing

Here are a few tips to keep you focused and on track this Fall while getting your kids in a great back-to-school routine:

  • Start backing up your kids’ bedtime a little each night so that when school starts, they’ll be on a healthy sleep schedule and ready to roll!
  • The start of a new Fall season can be precarious as we send our little ones back into the germ pool of school. Create a list of nutritionally dense, family favorite meals that you can default to during week nights,  Go to this list instead of ordering in pizza or grabbing other unhealthy, more convenient options.
  • eat-2371065_1920Cook in bulk on the weekends so that you can have quick easy meals in a hurry at the end of a busy weekday. You may also want to create a separate list of healthy favorites for lunches.  (we grab for what is familiar and easy)  Optimal nutrition is key to keeping our little ones’ immune systems strong.
  • Create a family calendar that is visible for everyone and that includes the goings on of all in the family. It will make it much easier to figure out where everyone is,  and where they should be, at a moment’s notice.

Routines for your family

checklist-2077018_1920Commit to routines and create visible checklists that work for your family and can make the daily grind happen automatically. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Morning routine checklist – teeth, breakfast, grab lunch, homework packed, papers signed, supplies are packed, and after school plans and activities for the day are discussed.
  • After school checklist – unpack lunchboxes, backpacks in designated storage areas, snack, chores, and homework completed at specified daily time in the same location.
  • Bedtime routine checklist – make sure homework and papers are packed, brush teeth, lay out clothes for the following day, bed on time.


Plan ahead

Pre-planning is everything when considering a smooth transition into the new school year.  Consistency is key and easing into the routines in the weeks before school begins can be helpful as well.

norway-1990256_1920Don’t forget to enjoy the cool breeze, beautiful leaves, and the enjoyable activities of Autumn!